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Anarchist Bookfair Sweden Stockholm, June 16, 2012

Stockholm, June 16, 2012

Program and Stalls 2012!

29th April 2012
The program for the 2012 bookfair is ready now! You can choose from more than 30 presentations, discussions, workshops, etc. Find the details here!
You can also check out the stalls that have already been booked. The list will be updated until right before the fair!
If you can, please help us spread the Facebook-event!

Mötesplats Sputnik a part of the bookfair!

15th April 2012
We are very happy that Mötesplats Sputnik, only a few minutes from Skarpnäcks kulturhus, will become a part of the Anarchist Bookfair on June 16! We will have workshops there, and Sputnik’s café as well as the crèche will be open! You do not want to miss checking out the place if you already are in Skarpnäck!

Afterparty & Accommodation

7th April 2012
There will be an afterparty after the bookfair in Orhem’s lovely Kaffestugan Torpet! Music, good food, and a wonderful place to relax in the forest after a day of book stalls, workshops, and discussions. We are trying to arrange camping options in the vicinity!
For those who cannot/don’t want to camp, we, together with the organizers of the No Border Camp (June 17-24), are trying to arrange different accommodation:
On June 16, there will be the Anarchist Bookfair in Stockholm, and the week thereafter a No Border Camp. We are expecting over 1000 people to attend the bookfair, many of whom are not from Stockholm. These people need accommodation – some of them arrive a couple of days early and stay longer, especially this year with the No Border Camp. There are also people who cannot stay in tents due to medical reasons. We need help with finding a place to stay for everyone, so if you have a spare bed  – for a day or for a week, it doesn’t matter – please get in touch: book[at] Let us know how many people you can host and for how long!

Anarchist Bookfair Stockholm & No Border Camp

Bookfair 2012: June 16!

16th December 2011
The date for Stockholm’s 2012 Anarchist Bookfair has been confirmed now: June 16!
This year, the fair will be held at Skarpnäcks Kulturhus.
The program will be up on the website in May.
You can book tables and workshops by sending a mail to book[at]
Please also note that there will be a No Border Camp in Stockholm after the bookfair, from June 17 to 24!

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