martedì 8 maggio 2012

2nd day of protests in Moscow + some more May Day photos/videos

Regarding what's currently happening in Moscow - the today's protests started roughly @ 11 AM and lasted until dusk. There was no massive clashes with police, though more than 300 were arrested (not just protestors, but also random people in some restaurants @ the center of Moscow). Of course the inauguration of Putin wasn't disrupted (and nobody expected it either), and there was almost no coverage of protests in mainstream media (contrary to what happened yesterday). However, we still have two more off-days (8th and 9th of May) and are going to use it to the max.
BTW, good to see that we finally have a lot of REAL left activists, at least in Moscow - not nazbols or some relic shit like KPRF (some of which members also took part in the protests, though). The anarchists and Left Front were among the most active protestors, unlike liberals or nationalists (despite all their keyboard heroism, only a small group of them showed up in the morning and was shortly detained by the police). Moverover, there are more and more elder folks on the protests, especially people aged 25-35, which is also a good sign.
Right now opposition groups are trying to occupy Kitai-Gorod. There's not much further info, but there definitely are anarchists, Left Front activists headed by Udaltsov, liberals headed by Navalny, and probably some nationalists. There are calls for "Greece-style" night riot, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea, as the center of Moscow is full of police. Next protests are arranged for tomorrow 10 AM, and will last until 9th of May, 7 PM.
More videos of yesterday's clashes:


A video compilation of May Day 2012 marches in Moscow & SPb, made by me:


I tried to focus on anarchists, but also included other non-parliamentary left, and independent trade unions like MRPA (red/white colours). FNPR (blue/white) are "independent" by their name only (like the majority of European "yellow" unions), but they managed to gather ~135,000 workers in Moscow, so I thought I should mention them too.
If you want to see a good photo report of May Day 2012 all around the world, click here. BTW, nice to see Cascadian flags next to anarchist flags in Portland:

Left Front in Nizhny Novgorod (unfortunately, no anarchists; don't know why there weren't any, as NN is a big city and Autonomous Action are based out of there):

"Green Block" in SPb:







Kiev, Ukraine:
Sevastopol (semi-autonomous city in Crimea, Ukraine):

Tbilisi, RKAS-Georgia:

"Left Alternative" in Yerevan, Armenia (didn't even know there are anarchists too):

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