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Wilderness Centre Evicted & Protect The Wilderness Not Allowed Into Their Own Court Hearing

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At 5am on 19th April bailiffs and police numbering over 60 evicted the residents of the Wilderness Centre. The barricades were up but no one had been up the tree houses for the night. The residents were given time to remove what possessions were left and the whole thing was over by 9am. The eviction was characterised by the huge police presence out numbering the occupiers by about 5 to 1, the police having prevented a breach of the peace continued to assist the bailiffs by carrying wood, boards and enjoying the beautifully spring morning laughing joking while the evil squatters retreated to their tents in the forest. The site now has 24 hours security with attack dogs.
Protect the wilderness will continue to campaign against the massive corruption and land grabs in the forest of dean and further afield. The achievements of the group will not be forgotten, the beauty and peace contained in the experiences of all who have been there will live on, in the past, now and in the future. The fight continues, resistance is fertile.
Following the The appeal of the Peasants (see )...We simple peasants not allowed into our own appeal hearing, in Bristol Court Court....No right no appeal, even though they took our £100 pound -for an appeal. Even the "named individuals" who the police said were allowed in, were left outside as none of them had their ID.

Youtube clip | Demotix news report

Help us get this news out there, lets highlight what went on, show Bristol Court, and Gloucestershire County Council to be the "diverse evill Councellors, Judges" that they are.
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