martedì 1 maggio 2012

Smash-n-grab suspect rented luxury cars before casing rich neighborhoods — Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles police said Wednesday they arrested a man in Hollywood who rented luxury cars and then drove around smashing other people’s car windows and stealing high-end electronics, including smartphones, computers and tablets. After the arrest Tuesday, police served a search warrant on the man’s home, where they found dozens of valuable pieces of electronics that police believe he stole during window-smashing raids in Hollywood and surrounding neighborhoods.
Details of the investigation will be announced during a news conference Wednesday in Hollywood, where police will ask for the public’s help in identifying who the man stole the items from.
The burglar would regularly rent high-end luxury cars and drive them through upscale areas, casing vehicles for potentially valuable items, sources said. When he discovered such items, he would smash the passenger or driver’s side window and reach in and take them.
He would flee before anyone could respond to an alarm or the sound of smashing glass.
Among the vehicles he used for the mini-crime wave was a Mercedes convertible. The items found inside the suspect’s home included  high-end cameras, jewelry, laptop computers, video cameras and tablet devices.

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