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Rome (Italy) – On the occupation and eviction of the building of via Prenestina 44

Translation by act for freedom now/B.pd
The occupation of a basement belonging to the national railway lasted a few hours, as four police vans  came over to put an end to this new but short exprience of struggle and self-management. It is the second eviction in two weeks in Rome. We must fight back and not give in to blackmail and fear.
Listen to radio ondarossa on the eviction of via Prenestina:
We decided to occupy a basement in via Prenestina 44, which has been neglected for years. We decided to open a space of freedom there.

This choice is more a challenge than a planned project. But there’s nothing to win or to lose, this is just an attempt. We have ideas, some proposals and few certitudes.  We love freedom, we hate cages. We are on the side of the exploited. We want to take our own decisions, and don’t want to sell our lives in exchange for a shit job. We want to take back and build back everything we really need, we don’t want to beg for useless things. We think that the State, the armies and the police are obstacles to the possibility of a life of sharing between individuals.
We’d like this basement to become a place of relationships and exchanges of knowledge and experience. In other words we’d like to sharpen our weapons in order to defend our lives from desolation and resignation, which we are normally accustomed to. Meetings, gatheirngs, talks, food, exchange of ideas, initiatives and chats are the ideas we have in mind to give life to this this old basement. We believe it can be an important starting point. Of course it won’t be enough to subvert this injust society, but we must do it. We need to meet people who, like us, fell the burden of isolation that power wants to impose on us. We need everything.
For these reasons we keep political parties and insitutions, fascists and police, far away from us. We are angry. We are anarchists.
Rome 02/05/2012
The comrades of via Prenestina 44

Leaflet distributed after the eviction:
Today, May 2, we occupied an abandoned basement belonging to the national railway, situated on via Prenestina 44 in Rome. We wanted to open a space of freedom.
After a few hours, as we were having breakfast on the pavement outside the space, we were evicted by a massive police deployment, which had rushed to the scene. Later the cops walled up the entrance to avoid possible danger – it looked like they feared that the Devil himself could come out of that basement.
In these times of crisis it seems that the only task of the police is repression against all those who try to take back a part of what is being stolen from us by the bosses.  Otherwise the police dedicate themselves to murdering the poor, as recently happened in Ravenna, Florence and Milan.
In these times of crisis we know who is profiteering on our lives. For example Trenitalia [the owner of the evicted basement], which imposes expensive fees and staff cuts in order to find the money to be destined to the harmful and useless project of the TAV. That is why, a few weeks ago, during the initiatives of the NO TAV struggle, some comrades tried to occupy the offices of Trenitalia and open a space of struggle. We don’t feel remorse, on the contrary we have the pleasure to take back something from these bloodsuckers of the regime.
In these times of crisis, when they want to leave us in our underpant and impose silence on us, it is important tat we hold our head high. Let’s struggle now to take back what we are being stolen: the possibility to fulfil our needs. Let’s struggle along with those who understand what is going on and don’t surrender. We’ve got many chances and a lot of imagination. Let’s go on.
We have more wishes to fulfill than they have cops to repress our dreams!
Occupants of via Prenestina 44
--translate by b. porco dio!

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