venerdì 4 maggio 2012

Portland house raided; comrade arrested

This morning, a squatted house in Portland was raided by the Portland Police Department, and one household member was arrested on conspiracy and criminal mischief charges. According to pigs, this raid followed a two-year investigation into attacks on banks and other institutions in the Portland area; the investigation into co-conspirators is still under.
"[The PPD] broke down our door and stormed our house, detained and interrogated us, and tore our house apart under writ of a warrant. This warrant was issued to collect evidence to indict my roommate Pax for 72 FELONY CHARGES of property destruction and criminal mischief, as well as determine other members of his/our immediate community who could also face prosecution for these charges. They took our phones and computers. They threatened and intimidated us. They destroyed our home. They ignored one person's medical condition that was aggravated by the stress of detainment. They made me sit in cuffs with nothing but my underwear on. They denied our demands to speak with legal counsel. Worst of all, they took our friend and are actively trying to pin an incomprehensible amount of charges on him."
Pax is being arraigned in Portland tomorrow, May 4th, at 2pm in Courtroom #3 of the Justice Center. As of Thursday evening, his bail is set at $360,000. More info on how to support Pax as it comes.

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