giovedì 10 maggio 2012

Mayday in Yerevan, Armenia

With a short delay we publish a short report or a mayday action in Yerevan. This was first action of  a new organisation with a temporary name "Left alternative". A march through central streets of Yerevan began on from the center of capitalism in the city - Northern Street.

Northern street, packed with fashinable stores and high class restaurants and cafes, was woken up with drumming and shouts "No to capitalism!", "Down with the capitalist system!", which surprised visitors of this nest of elitism.  Those faces burdened with abundance could not realise what was going on.

Many people came and asked what were our flags about, what do we want and so on.

"Exit framework of the system - free your consciousness!", "Power to the people!", "Capitalism is a crisis!", "Do not let them exploit your body for the oligarchs!", "Wake up, worker!", "Change, for things to change!" (This was an anwer to electionary slogan of the local republican party "Believe, for things to change") were written to placates.

March entered main square of the city - republican square.

We hope that with our action we could make impact at least to some part of the dwellers. We'll be back!

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