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en it - Switzerland – Communiqué on the solidarity strike May 1-5 2012 of imprisoned comrades Billy, Marco and Yitmaz

Communiqué on the solidarity strike May 1-5 2012
May Day: a day of anger and international solidarity!

Once again, on 1st May this year we are where we feel at home: together with you in the streets, in the resistance and the struggles, which we share in spite of our differences.
Once again, this year we will participate to the May Day mobilisations and initiatives being organized outside with a collective hunger strike of 5 days, starting from 1st May, inside the prison.

The fake, false and falsifying media world goes on relentlessly with its daily bombardments carried out in the wake of the crisis and the various emergencies revived according to the needs of the empire.
Fear, a driving force of democracy, has come back to dominate, to be instilled in our daily life and in so called public opinion through the channels of disinformation and regime propaganda.
In spite of their eternal promise of wealth, peace and happiness, which is continuously put off to better times that will never come, in spite of the eternal promises that capitalism makes in exchange for exploitation, looting and annihilation, the system finds itself in the position of not having anything more to offer if not chains and sacrifices to be imposed, sharp and pointed weapons, batons like those shepherds wield in order to keep the flock of sheep together.
As they spread fear of the ‘foreigner’, the ‘abnormal’, of losing a job, the certitudes and safety of a ‘normal’ life, our privileges and commodities, that is how day after day the ‘best world of all possible worlds’ repeats itself through these subtle threats and intimidations and daily blackmail; and through repression it tries in vain to exhaust and stop precisely those who have always refused, opposed and fought against this fake ‘best of the possible worlds’. Cracks are opening up in the propaganda of power!
And the fronts of authentic struggle against the existent are not few, as it may seem at first sight: for example the struggle against the ZAD in France; against the TAV in Italy, which started from Val Susa and spread all over the country and beyond, with blockades of stations, roads, highways and even disruptions of prosecutor Caselli’s lectures; incendiary anger without borders or appointments putting fire to the metropolis, from Athens to Santiago, from Indonesia to Russia, and giving fear back to its sender; resistance struggles of the people in Kurdistan, Mexico, the Mapuche land, the Niger delta, the forests of India, the Aden Gulf and in thousands of other places, far and distant ones… all of them reaffirming the resistance against looting and annihilation; the occupation of piazzas, houses, ‘uncultivated’ land for a more dignified life.
The will of change is turning into conflict against the existent everywhere!
We dedicate our solidarity action to all these struggles, which are anger and joy, energy and strength for us inside here. And we want to send all our anger and energy to these struggles so that they continue and expand.
This is also an initiative to send hugs full of anger, love and strength to all resistance fighters kept hostages in the concentration camps of democracy, and to all our sisters and brothers inside and outside who do not give up, hold their heads high and keep on struggling!



Billy and Yitmaz from Poschwies concentration camp, and Marco from Lenzburg concentration camp.

Switzerland, end of April 2012.                      

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Svizzera – Primo maggio di rabbia e solidarietà internazionale [Billy, Yilmaz e Marco]

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