martedì 1 maggio 2012

Businesses, police station, and luxury cars attacked during early May Day demo — San Francisco, CA

A group of approximately 60 people damaged windows and doors of businesses and cars Monday evening following an early May Day protest that started at Dolores Park. The Mission Police Station building and Farina and Locanda restaurants were also paint-bombed.
Police said that they have received 500 calls with reports of damage including smashed windows and slashed tires. Business owners were seen cleaning up late Monday night as officers patrolled the streets after dispersing the crowd at 14th and Mission streets.
FSC Barber, Live Fit, clothing stores Weston Wear and Therapy, and restaurants–Tartine Bakery, Bar Tartine, Locanda, and Farina–were all targeted. At Weston Wear, the three floor-to-ceiling windows were smashed.
Paint balls were launched at businesses, leaving large splotches of paint on their facades.
All the windows of a car parked in front of Locanda had been smashed. A glass door at Art Zone, a business located on Valencia Street between 15th and 16th Street was broken as were car windows. On Valencia Street near Market Street, car tires were slashed and anarchy signs were painted on windows.
At Farina restaurant on 18th Street, a protester spray painted “Yuppies Out” on the window.
Ronny Ghosh, who was visiting a friend, came back to to find his Infinity fFX35 windows smashed. A witness gave him a video that shows people smashing his car windows and slashing tires.
A witness told Mission Loc@l that protesters were seen picking up the valet parking sign in front of Locanda and throwing it at the window of the restaurant. The witness also said that at least one of the protesters was seen using a crowbar.
Justin Beck, an independent journalist told Mission Loc@l that he saw protesters walking on Valencia Street to Duboce Street. They turned right on Duboce and walked to Mission Street. Riot police responded to the scene at 14th and Mission streets and asked the crowd to disperse.

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