giovedì 3 maggio 2012

Anarchists attack Wells Fargo with molotov cocktail — Portland, OR

“As a follow up to May Day, another window has been shattered along with a molotov cocktail tossed inside a Wells Fargo branch in NE Portland, Oregon, adding to the bank’s previously smashed and burned window, which still remains boarded up next to the fresh damage.
Done in solidarity to all those involved and arrested in May Day actions in marches and otherwise in Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, Portland, and internationally, as well as all those imprisoned or otherwise subjected by the corrupt and profitable prison-industrial complex. Banks like Wells Fargo continue to benefit from the plight of our comrades, and so we will continue to attack!
Fuck all capitalists and the state which supports them, and fuck the police scum who have proven time and time again to be worthless class-traitors.
What a bunch of assholes you cops looked like today, and what a horrible job protecting the property you’re paid so much to watch!

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