sabato 31 marzo 2012

Smash n’ grab burglars rob jewelry store, narrowly escape — Akron, OH

A jewelry store in Akron, Ohio was burglarized Sunday night when two men used an SUV to break down the store’s front entrance, proceeded to smash display cases and then made off with an undisclosed amount jewelry. Surveillance video at the Taylor Made Jewelry store, which is owned by Jim Taylor, shows the men busted in around 11:36 p.m. and they did not conceal their identities as they ransacked the shop.

After about two minutes, the suspects exited the store, but they were pursued by a patrol unit. During the chase, the two men abandoned their SUV and ran on foot, at which point the officer unleashed its canine patrol to chase the suspects.

The canine apprehended one suspect twice, but the animal retreated after the suspect hit it with an object. Both suspects managed to evade police apprehension and escape.

In review of surveillance video, Taylor opined that the suspects knew the store and appeared to be aware of the store’s alarm, which was delayed two minutes before signaling to the police. Taylor noted that the suspects never had access to his most valuable items, which were locked in the store’s vault.

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