sabato 31 marzo 2012

Cruisers Smashed, Barricades Erected in Trayvon Martin Protest March-Atlanta, GA

On March 29th thousands attended a rally at the Capitol building in Atlanta in response to the murder of Trayvon Martin. Trayvon’s murder has sparked outrage from people in all areas of life and brought marches in cities across the country. Unfortunately those who attended this rally in Atlanta where meet by the same ineffective calls to head to the voting booth, or to call legislators, or as one presenter put it “turn your actions into words.

Some in the crowd did not feel that pleas to the governing body, or attempts to change the representatives of that governing body, were an appropriate way to express the anger they felt over the murder of another black youth. A small group, consisting of members from many different social circles, stuck around after the speakers were finished, and an impromptu march was started. Those on the march choose to turn their angry words into actions. Squad cars were attacked, and many newspaper boxes and other barricades ended up in the street.

The electronic parking meters of the evil ParkAtlanta also found themselves under assault. Screams of joy filled the air as hooligans sprinted along the streets. No arrests were made as the march quickly dispersed, preferring to end the engagement with the enemy on their own terms. It is important to note the spontaneous feel of the march, as well as its brevity. There were no formal attempts to organize a breakaway march; it just materialized out of the will of those present.

Police violence is an everyday occurrence under capitalism, particularly in marginalized communities. Trayvon Martin’s murder served as a glaring reminder that not all cops wear badges and as a reminder that if there were ever a time for peace it certainly is not now. The march was as an example of one form that true expressions of rage can take, and it is far from the pacifying words of the opportunists who spoke at the rally.

The flames we fan have only made the waters lukewarm, but soon they will boil over

-Some A’s

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