sabato 31 marzo 2012

Chile: Explosive device placed at 7th Precinct in Valparaíso

from the press, transl waronsociety:

At around 12:30 PM on the afternoon of this Tuesday March 27, a homemade bomb was found in front of the gate of the 7th Precinct of Valparaíso, home to the region’s Special Forces (FFEE).

An agent of the carabineros that was making routine rounds outside the Precinct found some bags with a suspicious package in front of the gate, and then gave warning to GOPE.

After the arrival of GOPE along with LABOCAR, they carried out the security procedure and evacuated the area. Then, at around 2 PM the bastards “managed to” deactivate the device (the quotes are because the police always say that they deactivate the bombs when they explode, but in reality the majority of times it remains obvious by the same press that when the bombs do not activate it is because they are false).

After the operation for the discovery of the device, the police carried out inspections in all the police stations in the city for fear that there were more bombs in other quarters.

The homemade bomb was composed of a 2-kilo gas canister (camping type), full of black powder which was activated by an electrical circuit with a timer and a battery. All this inside of a bag.

Also responding to the place were the region’s governor, Pablo Zúñiga, and the prosecutor José Miguel Subiabre.

The prosecutor said to the press that “We again face a bomb that has a mechanical activation, with a timer that is attached to a battery in order to with the copper finally activate a light bulb that acts as detonator, in order to finally cause explosion. One can see in the container that there is clear residue that would be black powder and that they are similar devices to those that have been investigated in this area as much as in Santiago.”

In the place no leaflets were found alluding to any claim of responsibility, but according to the police and the prosecutor this act had direct relation with the commemoration of the Day of the Combatant Youth.

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